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Synoptix eLearning is made to create foundational knowledge of the software’s capabilities and functions. After completing our interactive courses, you will be able to take live courses with ease.

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As part of the Synoptix eLearning launch, the Report Designer is our highly requested introduction course. As it is loaded with many functions and features, we’ve broken the designer features into three courses.


Introduction to Report Designer: Formatting Menu

This course will familiarize you with the menus and icons of the report designer. This course should take an estimated 70 minutes to complete.

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Introduction to Report Designer: Reporting Palette

This course will familiarize you with the vital areas and available options of the reporting palette. This course should take an estimated 70 minutes to complete.

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Introduction to Report Designer: Accounting Cell Properties

Accounting Cells are at the core of financial report building. The cell properties allow you to control and adjust how much information is displayed in your report. In this course, you will learn how to use these cell properties. Each area is reviewed and discussed to build foundational knowledge of Synoptix's Report Designer. 

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Introduction to Graphing: Graph Types and Properties – Coming Soon

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Online Learning

Online courses will take you through each feature and give you knowledge on it’s possible uses. These smaller courses can be done in about 60 minutes and are a great launchpad for new users.


Live Sessions

Fundamental Live Courses will take you through the different report designing styles and allow you to follow along and ask questions with a consultant. These are 2-hours sessions that are beneficial for future power users.


Report Writing

If you have an urgent or complex report that you’d like to learn to build. These sessions are the ones for you. We will review and prepare the best course for your needs. Talk to us today about tailored report writing.

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